Summer/Fall Teacher Trainees

Summer/Fall Teacher Trainees


Summer/Fall 2019 Non-Profit Teacher Training - Enrollment Closed

Q. What is covered in this training?

A. Students will learn how to share yoga with a trauma informed teaching style, based on the 8 limb path. In addition to the Ashtanga Yoga System, students will learn basic restorative postures, how to safely sequence a class and create safe spaces for transformations.  Through texts, philosophical discussion and asana labs, students will understand the science of Ashtanga Yoga, posture names and counting in Sanskrit, anatomy & physiology as well as meditation, breathing and centering techniques.

Q. HOw are the classes structured?

A. This 200 hour course is designed to span over a 5 month period, 25 weeks allowing students time to absorb the tremendous amount of material covered. Classes will start on Saturday June 1st and continue through November 16th, 2019. We will meet from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm with a half hour break.

 Q. What if I have to miss a class and what it an acceptable amount of absences?

A.  We understand lives are very busy and some Saturday’s you might need to miss, so makeup work will be provided. In order to qualify for a Yoga Alliance certification, no more than 20% of classes may be missed (5 classes).

Q.How much Does this training cost and what is the Sliding scale?

A. Our training is tailored for teachers working in the non-profit sector or wanting to work with vulnerable groups in our community providing trauma informed classes. Tuition is based on a 3 tier pricing, students self determine which group they fall into with the following tuition levels $800 / $1,400 / $2,000 for the course. The scale and illustration was developed by Alexis J. Cunningfolk, a healer at Worts and Cunning, a highly recommended read. If this is still more than you can afford without undue burden, please contact us so we can work it out.

Q. Will i have the opportunity to teach community classes during the Training?

A. Yes, you will teach 5 community classes during our training, location provided and you may invite your family and friends to attend.


Applications available upon request..