Shari Gaiennie

Founder, M.A., RYT 500, YACEP

Shari began her yoga journey in 1996 with a dear friend Kelly, who took her to the very first class. It was a humbling experience and sparked a love for yoga. Even as an avid runner and cyclist, she realized she was out of shape in many other ways, which sparked the quest.  

In 2009, while completing her initial teacher training, Guru Karam instructed the students to find a Seva, a place to serve the yoga.  Shari found that place in a local non-profit and continues to share yoga with these students. Teaching in a non-profit is extremely rewarding and humbling and she believes a teacher’s gift is to respect and understand each student has his or her own path. The teacher’s duty is to meet students where they are in life.

Through the years teaching, it became obvious the limited outreach with one volunteer, as well as the positive impact yoga was having on the students, that there was a need in the community.  Thus the creation of YSI, an organization dedicated to community outreach with professionally trained yoga teachers who serve the community by helping students realize their potential through yoga. 

Shari has been blessed over the years to study with amazing teachers including; Kimberly Culp, Sara Dasso, Rachel Hector, Ana Hollis, Guru Karam, Lisa Key, Judith Hanson Lasater, Lisa Long, Connie Lozano, Mehtab, Tim Miller, Ana Pilar, Charles Stein, David Swenson and Shelley Washington. 

Most of all, Shari appreciates the patience and dedication of the students she has the opportunity to work with on this journey. The creation of YSI is dedicated to their fortitude to survive with brave hearts, quest for truth within, and dedication to write their own stories.